saralfix iPhone Back Glass Repair

iPhone Back Glass Repair

Have you broken your iPhone BackGlass? iPhone Backglass is made of high-quality toughened glass however upon falling from a considerable height it can break easily. At the authorized service centers, the cost of iPhone back glass repair is too high and it just doesn’t make sense to spend too much on just a back glass. So, how to fix it?

SaralFix repairs the Backglass at the lowest price.

SaralFix has vast experience in iPhone back glass repair. Repairing iPhone back glass is a delicate process that demands precision and secure surroundings as while removing broken glass pieces it can fly into the eyes or can cut the skin.

In order to prevent any mishap, SaralFix offers a pick and drop facility so that the device can be repaired at our secure lab.

SaralFix pricing is also very competitive as we understand that an iPhone with intact back glass looks cooler than an iPhone with shattered back glass and people resist repairing it due to the high costs.

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